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     Master Chen Bing is the President and founder of Chen Bing Taiji Academy in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. Born in 1971 in Chenjiagou, (Chen Village), the renowned birthplace of Taijiquan. He is a direct descendant of Chen Wangting the creator of Taijiquan. Chen Bing is the only son of Chen Yonghe, the eldest brother of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing.  


     Master Chen Bing first learned Chen Taijiquan from his famous uncles, Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing, at the age of 6.  Master Chen Bing is the eldest and first dragon of the 20th generation of the Chen Family “Seven Dragons”.  He is also a decorated international champion of both Taijiquan and in Touishou (push hands).  


     Master Chen Bing is considered a Chinese intangible cultural asset of Taijiquan has earned the title of “Taiji Almighty” for his numerous awards.

     Jill is a certified Tai Chi Instructor and practitioner. She is also a formal disciple of Master Chen Bing who is the 20th generation representative of the Chen family. Jill’s intent is to preserve and promote the teachings of Master Chen Bing in efforts to educate and improve one’s health and well-being as taught in Chen Village. She inspires change through mind, body and spirit.


     In 2006 Jill began studying internal martial arts, Baguazhan, Xingyiquan, and the most well known “internal" martial art, Taijiquan.   The focus of internal arts lies largely in the work with internal energy (Qi) and thus on health, development and preservation.  


     Jill believes that through intensive, focused training and the assistance of a dedicated teacher one can achieve this.  


     Jill currently teaches in Tucson, Arizona and Cleveland, Ohio. 

Master Chen Bing Tucson Seminar, May 10th, 2019.  The first seminar of its kind held in Tucson, Arizona. I was honored to host Master Chen Bing from Chenjiagou, China.  His skill, his teachings, his candor was greatly appreciated by students who came from far and near to learn traditional Chen Taiji. Thank you, Master Chen Bing!